Monday, May 24, 2010

Snoepie Dag

So I received a note in my Baby shoes snack/lunch box last Thursday from the teacher.

QUOTE: Vrydae is snoepie-dag, Dan mag Gemma koekies en lekkers in haar kosblikkie kry.  Ander dae is dit gesonde kos en selfs "chips"

I was a bit shocked as I don't pack sweets in her snack box, besides the yoghurt coated sunflower seeds and biscuits.  I don't even pack in chips, I actually only pack in a sandwich, biscuits, raisins and nuts and sometimes a few pieces of dried fruit or fresh fruit.  Now I'm at a lose, which I'm turning around, this mommies on a new mission to find "suitable" snacks for my babies snack box.

Post comments if you have any ideas to add.

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Trudie said...

That is a bit weird, we as parents try to instill good eating habits from a young age and now they are asking for sweets from the school! WW does great organic stuff, which must be better than the artificial goodies. I also know that PnP does a natural range, pricey but not as bad for the kiddos. The range can be found in the sweet isle, can't remember the name now.

I would go with dried fruit, yoghurt coated raisins and nuts, etc.

It is difficult because the other kids will bring stuff and she will feel left out if you don't put something extra in. What about apples with a peanut butter dipping sauce? {if she isn't allergic} or bannana loaf?
Good luck!