Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nappy Cakes made to order

Nappy cakes are the latest must have trend for new parents. Whether you are looking for a Unique Gift or a superb centre piece for a Baby Shower why not choose to buy a Nappy Cakes. They make the ideal gift and are fun to look at and unwrap!

Nappy Cakes are as you would expect a cakes to look, however instead of the usual edible ingredients our Nappy Cakes are skillfully made up from useful baby items, including Nappies, face clothes, bottles, Soft Toys etc.

All Nappy cakes are custom made.

My nappy cakes range from R250 for a basic nappy cake as seen in the above picture.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested, ideas are welcome !

Trolley Seat covers made to order

Hey there Mums and Dads take a look at my lovely handmade Trolley Covers.

I was inspired to make them because of my Little girl Gemma, when we went to the shop and it was time to put her in the trolley I knew I couldn't just put her in the trolley without a cover as she puts everything in her mouth and there are so many germs on the trolleys and I didn't want her to get sick.

This cover is made with cotton material it also has padding sewn in so your baby can have a more comfortable ride. The handle on the trolley is covered completely.

Here are a few added extras.

. It has a pocket for you baby's bottle and a loop/loops so you can hang your keys or babies toys, to keep your baby amused while shopping

. This cover can be washed on a gentle cycle.

. It is easy to put in and take out of the trolley.

. It fits into standard size trolleys, eg pick n pay and shoprite/checkers.

. Each cover is handmade which makes each one a little different so you won't get 2 the same.

Price per trolley cover R250 each, excluding p&p.

If you would like to know anything else feel free to contact me.

Aunty Natalie