Monday, May 3, 2010

Our new Kitty's

So my husband decided to surprise Baby shoes and Mommy by taking us to Animal Anti Cruelty League this weekend to adopt an animal,  now this was a huge debate in our household as my dear husband wanted to get a dog and I desperately wanted a kitty.  After loosing my beloved Siamese to renal failure 3 years ago my life just didn't seem complete! I've always had a cat and so deperately wanted my Baby shoes to experience the love for animals.

After looking at the dogs (big & small) we decided to go look (just a look) at the kitty's and we came across Mielie (the younger of the 2) who desperately needed a home, she look to Baby shoes instantly which impressed my hubby loads! and then I saw Simon II and fell in love! so my dear hubby's heart melted and gave in to us getting 2 kitty's! and I love him dearly for it.

I would recommend the Animal Anti Cruelty League anyday, the animals are well looked after and loved!

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