Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Teacher's Christmas gifts

School breaks up on Friday and it will be Gemma's last day at Sterreliggieland before she goes to her new school next year.

We decided to spoil her teachers with little presents (with the help of Ouma) we made Mini Christmas cakes.

I've also attached the recipe just in case you want to make them yourself.

Fruit Cake (Ouma Vienie 1976):
500g Fruit cake mix
1 cup Brown suger
1 cup warm rooibos tea
1/4 tl salt
Mix altogether and let it stand overnight
2 cups self raising flourl
1 tl oil
1 beaten egg
cherry's, nuts, green figs

Mix everything together and place dough in a muffin tins that's been lined with wax paper.  Bake for +/- 1 hour at 175 C

Sprinkle lightly with brandy every 2 days


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