Monday, July 26, 2010

Feathers - Sunday morning fun

Ok so I've been really bad with this blogging thing! actually feeling a little guilty!

Last Sunday hubby and I woke up to baby shoes crying, she kept saying the bird under her bed is scaring her and I kept telling her to calm down and to stop being silly how on earth could a bird possibly be under her bed, well!! I finally got up, something that I find very difficult lately especially in winter when its dark and cold! guess what I found - FEATHERS and yes a bird under the bed, and two entertained cats.  Simon & Mielie obviously decided it was time to "bring" us a present.  Needless to say hubby and I where vacuuming feathers before we had even had our first cup of coffee. 

My Sunday morning fun! pity I didn't get a photo, not of the dead bird but of all the feathers in my house!

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